March 29, 2012

Wordless{ish} Thursday...

It seems only appropriate to post a Wordless Wednesday post on a Thursday seeing as how I'm almost 2 days behind schedule! Whoops. I guess life has gotten the best of me and took me for a whirlwind ride. For some reason I have been off a day this entire week. This morning I asked my kindergarten boys to take out their journals (which we only do on Wednesday's) "But teacher, it's already Thursday!" Wow! I guess it's better to be behind a day than to be one day ahead of schedule huh?

Anyway, Bria loves to rip off her diaper and run around in her birthday suit! However, on this particular day, she decided to pee, everywhere. All over her legs, all over the carpet...It was like we had another little puppy around the house!

Clint quickly took her to the bathroom to rinse her off in the sink and she decided to sit down. She decided that this was a good place to play for a little while. So, being the good parents we are, we let her just sit in the bathroom sink and play for a good ole' 15 minutes :).

I think this may be the last time she will be able to fit in the sink, so of course, this Mama took some pictures!

{oh baby, i love your little rattail!}

{oh baby, how your smile makes my heart sing!}

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1 comment:

Natassia Butler said...

Oh what sweet fleeting moments! And yes, what great parents! So cute!!
Oh and I forget what day it is ALL the time :)

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