September 29, 2009

Handy Man :)

Clint made some shelving for our house...A hat rack, coat rack, and some shelves for our bathroom... I love them :) All we need is a couple more for our house and we'll be set !

Yes, the middle shelf is full of Burt's Bees products...I can't help it...I love the stuff!

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September 28, 2009


You must think I'm crazy right? Halloween?!....Yes! Halloween! This is a post from the girl who has already started making her first Christmas present. I was over at Bakerella and she has some adorable stuff that you can make! I found these: Can you guess what they are?

They are cake pops. Yup, who would have thought that you can put cake on a lollipop stick? Bakerella! I am going to make these for the Halloween party that the school is having. Now, I haven't decided if I'm going to make them for just the K-3 classes or if I can make enough for the entire school to enjoy...Hmmmm....Here are some more pictures from Bakerella:

I'm off to order supplies now (or it would never get here on time)!!!

September 27, 2009

Just click it!

More Yoga Love :)


XC Regional Tournament

Clint took 8 cross country runners to Unalakleet on Saturday for the regional tournament. There were LOTS of teams there from Barrow, Norvik, and around our district. All of our runners did exceptionally well with one going to state, and two missing the cut by one! There were three students total from our district that qualified for state: one from WMO (!) one from Gambell and another from Unalakleet. They will be traveling next week to Palmer for the State Tournament!

Oh yeah, Clint ran in the Open Run and received second place!!! He also received a medal for his efforts:
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September 25, 2009

September Sunsets!

It's almost the end of September and I wanted to share all of the beautiful sunsets we have experienced this month. Most of the pictures have been taken right outside our front door :) Some of the most breathtaking scenery that I have ever seen.


September 24, 2009

First look at my future!

My first days (2) while substituting for my host teacher was a blast! The kids and I had a lot of fun and thank goodness there were no discipline issues! Here are a few photos at what my life will be like, hopefully here next year!

Doing a writing/drawing assignment (see my portrait on the chalkboard? Yes, I'm that artistic:) :

Here is the reading:
Our math time:
At the end of the day there is always show and tell: Have a GREAT day!


September 22, 2009

Open House!

It has taken me a while to post these pictures, but these are some photos of our open house that we had on September 15th (I know, really late). It was really fun being in the classroom and getting to know the students parents. It was a full house! I also went down to the high school wing- It was the first time I have been down there since school started :S. It was really, really nice and probably the best open house I have been involved it (actually, now that I think of it, it's the only open house that I have been too). I am looking forward to next years :)

The mayor, Dan drawing a portrait of a student:

Our Kindergarten/First grade project (About Me):

High school Memoir and Wordle:
Middle School Mandala posters:
After seeing these in the middle/high school wing, I went home and tried to make a wordle on my computer but unfortunately cannot get it to work on my computer. Keep looking on here though, once I get it working I will post my wordle :) You can try it here, it's fun!

September 21, 2009

Yoga...again :)

Yoga has become an enjoyment that I get every morning. It has become a habit to want to wake up at 7:00 to do Yoga. I have found some inspiring videos on Usually I don't like that site, but it can be educational and fun when you have something to find :)

This was a GREAT video and it's part of Yoga Flow a different kind of yoga that is a little faster, and almost dance like. I love the music: Flow by Sade...Download it! You'll like it.


September 20, 2009

Building stairs...

The day started early by Clint and I eating Waffles, because well, it was Waffle Sunday :). Then, at 10:30, we met Eric at the boat. Eric took us up to Pretty's cabin and is helping Clint build the stairs for Pretty. It was an all-day event and while the boys were working...I entertained myself by getting homework done (I know, how boring :), taking random pictures (which I won't bother you with because they're goofy), and picking Aiyu.

Here is Clint and Eric looking at the plans for the stairs:

The start of the project:
They made two platforms for easy walking:

Clint finishing up the stairs, he's so proud-and so am I!!:It took the guys nine hours to get these stairs done, with the exception of a little break for lunch :)

Remember I told you I picked some Aiyu (I-you)? Here it is:
I first had Aiyu tea two weeks ago when a gal I work with gave me some of hers. It was JUST as good as my green tea that I love! All you do to make Aiyu Tea is boil the Aiyu in water and add a regular Limpton Tea back and a tsp. of sugar. Seriously though, I don't think I'm going to add the sugar because it is SO good :) I picked a big handful and they are being dried out as we speak :).

All-in-all it was a productive Sunday!


September 17, 2009

A new found love...

Yesterday, I was frustrated for no particular reason and if someone asked me (which, Clint did) I would say, “I don't know”. When I answered his question like that, he did give me a weird look. I couldn't blame him-it was a weird answer. Just weird. I decided that I needed to work out. I worked out with pilates and yoga and meditation afterwards. Let me tell you something. I'm not trying to be one of those people who tell others, “yoga changed my life” or.... “ I'm going to be a Yogini” and.... “meat is bad”. Because, well, lets face it....I'm not THAT dedicated (which I should be) and I'm an Alaskan. A proud Alaskan that eats meat. That's all.

BUT- I did feel TONS better after the yoga and meditation. I follow Rodney Yee's A.M. & P.M. Yoga and Relaxing & Breathing Meditation. I felt rejuvenated, refreshed, and more alert. All those bad and frustrated feelings were gone. I was left in peace, and my body felt amazing. I'm not telling you guys to start pilates, yoga, or meditation, but these are things that will surely change the way you feel.

Here is the next one....two and three DVD's I wouldn't mind having of his:

**You can click on the picture for a link to the DVD's :)**

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