September 22, 2009

Open House!

It has taken me a while to post these pictures, but these are some photos of our open house that we had on September 15th (I know, really late). It was really fun being in the classroom and getting to know the students parents. It was a full house! I also went down to the high school wing- It was the first time I have been down there since school started :S. It was really, really nice and probably the best open house I have been involved it (actually, now that I think of it, it's the only open house that I have been too). I am looking forward to next years :)

The mayor, Dan drawing a portrait of a student:

Our Kindergarten/First grade project (About Me):

High school Memoir and Wordle:
Middle School Mandala posters:
After seeing these in the middle/high school wing, I went home and tried to make a wordle on my computer but unfortunately cannot get it to work on my computer. Keep looking on here though, once I get it working I will post my wordle :) You can try it here, it's fun!

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