September 20, 2009

Building stairs...

The day started early by Clint and I eating Waffles, because well, it was Waffle Sunday :). Then, at 10:30, we met Eric at the boat. Eric took us up to Pretty's cabin and is helping Clint build the stairs for Pretty. It was an all-day event and while the boys were working...I entertained myself by getting homework done (I know, how boring :), taking random pictures (which I won't bother you with because they're goofy), and picking Aiyu.

Here is Clint and Eric looking at the plans for the stairs:

The start of the project:
They made two platforms for easy walking:

Clint finishing up the stairs, he's so proud-and so am I!!:It took the guys nine hours to get these stairs done, with the exception of a little break for lunch :)

Remember I told you I picked some Aiyu (I-you)? Here it is:
I first had Aiyu tea two weeks ago when a gal I work with gave me some of hers. It was JUST as good as my green tea that I love! All you do to make Aiyu Tea is boil the Aiyu in water and add a regular Limpton Tea back and a tsp. of sugar. Seriously though, I don't think I'm going to add the sugar because it is SO good :) I picked a big handful and they are being dried out as we speak :).

All-in-all it was a productive Sunday!


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