November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend was a well rested, well needed mini vacation! Clint and I spent the weekend cross country skiing, running, eating, sleeping, and watching movies. First off, school was out at 2:30 on Wednesday to start off the holiday weekend. It was a beautiful day, so Clint and I decided to go cross-country skiing by the frozen lake. I was getting better as my balance was improving. Here are some pictures:

Before the 2:00 dinner, Clint and I decided to go for a run by the airport which was fun in the sense that I was working out, but not fun because it is very hard to run on snow and ice. Very hard. I consider myself to be an in-shape athlete, but this challenged me. The weather was beautiful but c.o.l.d.! The sun was just setting so it was a pretty site. We had a fabulous dinner with some of the staff members here at the six plex on Thursday. TONS of food and desserts. It's always nice to know-no matter what- that when you are away from family, friends will fill the emptiness during special occasions and I am VERY thankful for friends:). This was the first time that I have been away from home and although it wasn't a bad experience, I'd much rather see my family during the holiday season.The rest of the weekend Clint and I just vegged out, which was a much needed rest. We watched movies and slept the entire time!

November 24, 2008

Snowy Saturday...

This Saturday's wind and snow did not stop Clint and I from having a little outdoor fun. Nope. Today we decided to try Cross Country Skiing, even though the weather wasn't THAT good outside. It took us about 15 minutes to get all of our outdoor gear on, but finally we headed out the door...This is what it looked like:

It was an experience for sure. I never really got the hang of it, and only fell about 3 times. I say it was the wind, but Clint thinks I'm just spazzy.

November 16, 2008

Nome Sweet Nome

Clint and I just got back from Nome. It was a good 2 day-1 night trip and was worth the money! Clint had to take his Praxis test and I decided to tag along for the night. We arrived in Nome around 7pm on Friday, went to the hotel and then ate at a place called Molano's Pizza. We had sushi and a pineapple pizza, which is not a great combo but they were both good. We went to the hotel and while Clint studied I watched my favorite shows on HGTV and STYLE, that was a real treat seeing as how we don't own cable. The next morning I stayed in bed while Clint took his test (he said he felt confident about it, so hopefully he passed!) and then we walked around town taking pictures and then we went to a coffee shop and stayed for about 2 hrs. We then walked to the AC store and bought ourselves some groceries to take home! We have real fruit, veggies, and salads! Then we waited at the aiport for another 2 hours and finally boarded on a 9-seat aircraft. I absolutely hate riding on these bush planes, but I guess it was worth it. Here are some pictures:
This is the view from the airport in Gambell. It's not really an airport, but a runway and pavement with a building to hold the tractor. Beautiful view though!
This is our hotel The Aurora, it looks like a castle and is really beautiful. It was nice staying there for the night.
This is end of the race! How cool would it be to be there when the contestants are coming in from the long race.

November 13, 2008

This one's for you Momma!

Everyone in my family including my husband jokes about me not being able to cook. It does get a little tiring, but there is some truth in their sarcasm, I don't cook very often so therefor, don't have a lot of experience. But in my defense, Clint loves to cook, so why take that enjoyment away from him? I have NO objections for him cooking for me every night:) . This allows me to explore in my creativity while baking. Again, everyone in my family jokes that I can't really bake either. Well, since we've moved to Gambll, I have become a very good baker, and to prove this to some (my mom and family back home :) that I even took a picture of my ever-so-famous soft pretzels!
I don't like tooting my own horn....But these were SO good and looked so professional that I just had to make a post about it. Clint made fun of me for taking pictures, but I do need proof of what I have accomplished up here:)
I will definitely be making these back home...I know my family will be thrilled to taste these!
See mom, you did teach me some baking!


Here are some pictures of our walk last weekend. The weather was cold, dark, and snowy. A great day to get out and into the outdoors!
Sierra has always loved the snow-I can't hold her leash because she runs too fast and pulls my arm too hard!
A view of the "mountain" we are going to climb.
Can you see the bears sitting in the picture? These are actually whale bones that are right outside our apartment.
Here's me! Good thing I'm a silhouette. The landscape is truly beautifully different here.
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