November 13, 2008

This one's for you Momma!

Everyone in my family including my husband jokes about me not being able to cook. It does get a little tiring, but there is some truth in their sarcasm, I don't cook very often so therefor, don't have a lot of experience. But in my defense, Clint loves to cook, so why take that enjoyment away from him? I have NO objections for him cooking for me every night:) . This allows me to explore in my creativity while baking. Again, everyone in my family jokes that I can't really bake either. Well, since we've moved to Gambll, I have become a very good baker, and to prove this to some (my mom and family back home :) that I even took a picture of my ever-so-famous soft pretzels!
I don't like tooting my own horn....But these were SO good and looked so professional that I just had to make a post about it. Clint made fun of me for taking pictures, but I do need proof of what I have accomplished up here:)
I will definitely be making these back home...I know my family will be thrilled to taste these!
See mom, you did teach me some baking!

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