June 3, 2010

It's A Raspberry!!

See the ticker?  Our little one is the size of a raspberry! Who would have thought to compare a baby to fruit??

I wonder what it's going to be in 4 weeks?!? Any guesses?


Puppy Love

Last night Clint woke me up. "Honey, look at Jack and Sierra". When I looked down at the lil' guys Jack had his arm over Sierra and they were sleeping:

Of course, when I asked Clint to take a picture they both were wide awake! But they still didn't move :).

After we o-ogled over them for a few minutes we went back to bed.  I guess Clint took some tips from Jack because he put his arm around me while we fell back asleep!

Good job Jack!


Lilypie Maternity tickers

June 2, 2010

I Hope...

"I hope your baby is either
a boy or a girl!"

~A summer school student predicting the sex of our baby...

*Me too little man...Me too*


June 1, 2010


I find myself saying little prayers throughout the day for our baby.  Praying to the lord has been an everyday thing for me since I can remember, but lately I find that I am talking to him more frequently  and while doing the most random things, eating an orange, watching the students eat at lunch (we are in summer school so yes, I am still watching students at lunch time, walking to and from work and taking the dogs out.  I love the fact that I feel so at peace after I get through.

I was looking on the internet tonight for some prayers about pregnancy, not that I need to learn others' prayers because mine are sufficient but because I am looking for any and all resources about pregnancy that I can find without spending money!

Here is one that I especially liked:

Father, in Jesus name I worship you. I bless you and give you praise. Father, I come to you in Jesus' name and through the blood of Jesus Christ to ask you to protect and bless the baby in my womb.
Thank you Father, that every good and perfect gift comes from you. I am happy that I am pregnant. You have blessed me with a baby.
Lord you said all that you create or created is good (Genesis 1: 25). I thank you, Father, that the baby already formed in my womb is your workmanship created in true perfection according to your power.
Father, all your works are beautiful and magnificent to behold. They are wonderfully finished. All your works are perfect, for every good and perfect gift comes from you (James 1:17). I thank you for a perfect baby in Jesus' name.
My baby will grow well. I shall put to bed a very healthy child. I cover the baby in my womb with the precious blood of Jesus. ~ Amen

{found here}

We would love and appreciate any and all prayers and well wishes for a happy, healthy baby!!


Never Too Early!

The moment I found out about our lil' bellybean growing inside, I have been looking at baby clothes. I know, probably not the most important thing to be doing, but I bet every mommy-to-be is secretly excited to dress her little one like a little doll :) !

Here is what I'm loving right now--of course, we are going organic :) ...

 1) For Baby:

Organic Cotton Soft Green High Top Baby Booties: 
 {found here}

Apple Green Baby Cocoon: 

{found here}

2) Toys:

Organic Building Blocks:

{found here}

Nature's Purest Hug Me Sleepy Noisy Knit Toys:
{found here}

3) For Mommy: 

Organic Baby Wrap: The Original One On Baby:
 {found here}

Pregnancy Journal 'Baby Love':
{found here}

The Story of Me Baby Journal:


{found here}

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