December 18, 2010


None of this for us today....

Because of this....

I would be upset, but I think being safe rather than being nervous on our flights is much more comforting and relaxing. So tonight. I'm going to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a nice evening with my honey and just hope we are able to fly out tomorrow! 

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December 17, 2010

Letter to baby Bria

I got a surprise call from my sister Alexis at work.

It was so good to hear her voice. We usually just chat through Skype. But it's different when you can actually hear your loved ones voice.

She wanted to tell me about a letter she wrote to our Bria through facebook.

It's so good that I wanted to share it here with you all.

I literally wept while reading it. Not that it's mushy 'n gushy but the simple fact that Bria is loved so much and many family and friends take the time to think about her. Well, part of the letter did hit a soft spot of my heart with an arrow: "you have the best mother in the world" ... That....Right there, is what I hope to be someday! 

Here it is:

Of course this is probably all in hopes that Alexis will truly be her favorite auntie.   

But.... just the fact that she has 4 wonderful and amazing women as her aunts will be truly a blessing, and if Bria's at all like her mother, she will love them with an endless love.

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5 weeks to go....

As much as I'm wanting to hold our little girl and not feel as though I am wobbling back and forth like some odd duck, I don't want this pregnancy to end. And it has to. Some day. I have loved myself more in this big-bellied-can't-bend-down body of mine that I have had the past 8 months. It's truly amazing, and if you're a Mom I'm sure you're nodding your head up and down (or if you had a horrible pregnancy-sickness, sore, etc.- reading this feeling like you can hit me in the head!).

I have 5 weeks to go.

5 Weeks!  

Here's the stats:

How far along: 35 weeks! 
Total weight gain: 20-24 lbs
Sleep: I have been sleeping better than I have been the past few weeks. I am getting up about 7 times a night though. 
Best Moment of the week: The Christmas program! 
Movement: TONS. They say that the movement is supposed to "slow down" but we have to remember she is Clint's daughter! She had been moving constantly. It's a nice comfort to feel her and know that she's growing healthy and is-hopefully-pretty happy and warm in my tummy :).
Stimulation: Seems to be everything now-a-days
Maternity Clothes: Nope. Not yet although I have been living in my yoga pants & Clint's shirts. But nope. No "maternity" clothes. 
Stretch Marks: N.O.N.E! Z.I.P! N.A.A.D.A!
Food Cravings: Nothing, really. I still really love my fruit! I had a pomegranate for the first time and it's was delicious!
Gender: Sweet, little, beautiful, baby girl! 
Labor Signs: I have had braxton hicks contractions the past few days and if they are any indication of true labor (only intensified by like, a million) I'm in for some serious pain! They have hurt!
Belly button in or out: In. For some odd reason, I'm hoping that sucker will pop though. I've always wanted to experience an out-y, although, it's nice that my belly button doesn't show through my shirts! 
What I miss: Being able to put on my socks without trouble
What I am looking forward to: Seeing family in 2 days and having a baby shower that my sister and mom are throwing for me!!!!!! 
Weekly Wisdom: Sleep and don't do too much! 
Milestones: less than 35 days until sweet baby girl - hopefully- will join the world!!
Me and baby bug 35 Weeks

*Our baby bug is over 18 inches long and is around 5 1/2 lbs! No wonder Mama is feeling a little off-balance lately :) . Although baby bug isn't doing karate anymore, I am feeling her movements a lot more. Baby bugs kidneys  are fully developed and her liver can process some waste products! Most of her basic physical development is now complete *enter sigh of relief here* she'll spend the next few weeks putting on some weight!*

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December 14, 2010


It's amazing how much love and affection are shown to our Bria already! This month has been full of packages from the post office from family and friends. It literally feels like it has been Christmas all month long. And it's an amazing feeling to know that our baby girl is loved so much! We have received several amazing gifts for her.

With my favorite one being so far....

A hand-sewn blanket from Oma Shultz:


Oma Shultz also gave us all of these clothes, and not to mention bibs :) :


Clint's sister also sent us some adorable outfits!!


Clint was very happy about her outfits this time...There was NO pink! All of these outfits, pink or not, are just as adorable!

We are blessed beyond words!

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December 8, 2010

34 Weeks!

It's upon us again that I write yet another update on this whole pregnancy bit. However, I think it's vital that I at least post something since it has been about a week and a half! I've been far to busy with college and work to even log into my account! Sheesh. But, my friends and family I am almost done!! So, without any further nonsense ramblings....Here is the recap of the week:

Baby Bria,
You now weigh about 4-5 lbs, which is the weight of a cantaloupe! You are also around 18 inches in length! Already you are a big girl :)...Your precious skin is as smooth as it has ever been! 
Keep on growing baby! We can't wait to meet you...

-Love your Mama!

How far along? 34 weeks! 
Total weight gain/loss: Last time I checked, I gained 18 lbs. I think that was two weeks ago, so I probably have gained a little more since the little princess is growing so rapidly! 
Sleep: I have a routine now. I get up around 2:30-3:00 in the morning and stay up for an hour and then fall back asleep-which makes me feel exhausted throughout the day! I plan on sleeping a.lot when I get to Ketchikan and am waiting for baby to arrive! 
Best moment of the week: when I had my last class of Curriculum Development ED664!! 
Movement: To give you a picture of what it may feel like, imagine a tiny hand grabbing a hold of one of your ribs and squeezing! It may be a small hand, but ribs are precious little bones! With the rib-grabbing and twirling around it's been wonderfully painful! 
Stimulation: The dogs barking get her all wired up as well as good 'ole chocolate milk! 
Maternity Clothes: None anymore. I can't fit into my maternity jeans :( ...They were size small though. I live in my black stretchy pants!
Stretch marks: I hope I don't jinx myself, but as of right now I have been very blessed and have not received any stretch marks! Although, I am on my third jar of vitamin E and cocoa butter lotion! 
Food cravings: nada! Except for Organic Italian Soda in Blood Orange. Sounds weird, but Ketchikan Safeway has it and it's delicious! I was fortunate enough to have a bottle because a sweet friend sent a care package! 
Gender: girl, girl, girl!! 
Labor Signs: none this week! 
Belly button in or out: In and stretched!
What I miss: Running! 
What I am looking forward to: seeing my feet again! 
Weekly wisdom: sleep, sleep, sleep! 
Milestones: If the babe is born, she will be healthy and will be able to breathe on her own and with minimal health complications! 

Mama and lil' one 34 weeks! 

*please excuse the messiness of me! This was done right after class around 9:00 p.m. but I refuse to let another week go by without an update and picture** 

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