February 23, 2009

A video worth more than words....

Today, I'd like to share a video of Clint and I getting stuck with the four-wheeler by the six-plex (our housing place) this weekend. This is better than what words can describe :) We had to go to the school during a storm to have basketball games, and one of the teachers caught us on video.... This is what happend:
I am in the red...I was the driver while poor Clint had to push us out!

Hope you are staying warm!


February 22, 2009

It's been a while!

It's been almost a month since I have posted anything! Clint and I have been VERY busy lately with school, work, and basketball practice. There have been storms coming our way as well with 40-60mph winds, and a windchill of -50. School has been canceled on 3 different occasions, and basketball games have been canceled the last two weekends. Only two more weeks until our lives slow down and we have more time for ourselves. I'm looking forward to it!

Today is one of the warmer days that we have had this month, and we were able to go out for walk and take these pictures:
Beautiful! The ice build-up is on the coast of the beach, and it's a beautiful sight to see.

We walked a little further down the beach and we saw this:
I know right!? There are no trees here in Gambell, but obviously the only tree that they have, they cut down! No, I'm pretty sure that this was brought in from the water, and it just so happens to be upright. It was definitely a twilight moment though.

Hope all is well with everyone!
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