April 30, 2011

Athleta: Get Styled For Performance...CONTEST!

Contest Ends May 4th! Vote today!! 

Please click HERE and vote! This is a tribute for me to get my body back in shape and it's a contest that I could win if I have the most votes. I would be able to get new gear that fits this "new" body of mine and help me get in the best shape of my life!

I know my family will definitely do this, but please, if you're a friendly reader who doesn't know who I am, get to know me a bit better by clicking the link and voting!

You can Click this link : Athleta photo contest

And Click where it says, "click this link" on the right side of my picture!

Thank you SO SO SO much for voting...

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Julbo Review

We've all seen them...The cute little babies with the most ginormous  sunglasses that cover half their faces. Most may put sunglasses on their babes because they are just so darn adorable and pretty funny. It's not only cute, but practical to protect your babies eyes. 
We don't wear cheap ole' sunglasses with no UVA, B  or C protection, so why would we resort to cheap glasses for our daughter?!

Julbo is a company that is widely known for their sport and performance eye protection whether it's water, snow, sand, or ice...And...Baby 'n toddler wear too! 

Contemplate this: The younger the child is, the more vulnerable their eyes are. Unlike an adult's eye, the lens in a child's eye has almost no protective pigments. A child's crystalline lens is totally transparent with a very large pupil. Children's eyes therefore absorb much more harmful solar radiation than adults.

After reading the above statement, it clicked! We need to get Bria a pair of sunglasses, but not just any pair. a good pair! Just as we were looking, We were gifted a pair of Julbo Looping 4 glasses! 

Here is just a couple of things that we love about Bria's new Julbo sunglasses: 

*Even though she's only -almost- four months old these glasses fit perfectly
*They are shock resistant and flexible
*soft enough for her head
*100% protected from all the UV's : A, B, and C
*A detachable strap so the glasses grow when she grows
* Reversible so we don't have to worry about which way is up
*Lead free! They don't paint their sunglasses so we don't have to worry about B putting the glasses in her mouth...

And the most important part? She doesn't mind them at all! She actually loves to look around when she has these glasses on! 

I am so glad we found a pair of sunglasses that we will be able to use for years and that will withstand her active and crazy -to be- lifestyle.

California here we come!

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Pictureless Post

A lot of my readers may come here to not "read" my blog, but look at the pictures....Mostly of our baby girl.  It seems that my camera has been having a longer than normal shelf life, and me? I"ve been enjoying our baby's cooing, smiling, and laughing, without the worry that I need to capture the moment with a picture. This has especially made Clint happy as he doesn't like taking pictures of every little thing. So, I'm learning to not run to get the camera the second Bria does something cute, but to embrace the moment with everything I have...

I promise though. I will have some cute stuff this weekend to post... Promise

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April 26, 2011

Enjoying The Small Things....

1. Putting away Bria's preemie and newborn size clothes.

2. Baby drool!

3. Herring Eggs that make me miss home

4. Saturday Morning rituals: 

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April 25, 2011

Our first family Easter!

Our Easter Sunday couldn't have been more perfect. Okay, it could have been if we were surrounded by all our family. Being away from family on holiday's is pretty much the hardest thing in the world for me. However, we did have an amazing day! It started at 6am because of darling little daughter! She was talkin' away to the wall and would not be quiet. So, I got up with her and we went to see her Easter basket full of stuff from her Awma, Papa, Auntie Erica, Uncle Tony, and all of her cousins....I mean the Easter bunny!

 She was very interested and kept staring with her signature half-cricked smile:

She actually was trying to reach for the bunny when I had her sitting up in her boppy. I couldn't get the picture because I was trying to hold her up :) She loves...loves her bunny!

Getting Ready to head to the Church hunt:

 Cute booties from our family friends in Ketchikan...Thanks Debbie and Bob!

Before the hunt, our friend Mary read the Resurrection story to the kids:

Clint hiding eggs. The snow is still waste deep!: 

Parents and little kids waiting for the whistle to blow:

It takes a real man to wear a baby carrier and his baby...

Kids were sooo cute getting stuck in the snow!

Here we are after the hunt sitting on the deck!

I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend!!!
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April 21, 2011

Art...Art...And More Art!!

White Mountain School is not only a great school to work at because of the staff, students, and community. It's a great school because it acknowledges the arts...So much so that we have had the pleasure of having an Artist in Residence for the last two years Clint and I have been here (they have one every year!). Last year, we made the fence with Sarah Conarro. Here is the project we did last year

This year, we have another Gal who has been working with our students on drawing self portraits, and working with the staff on ceramics!

Here she is working with my kiddos this afternoon:

Stay tuned for another post on the staff artwork that we created!
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This post is dedicated on how to get a GOOD workout (aka: loose the baby fat!) while living in bush Alaska, on the tundra, in the spring, in 40 degree weather and with a baby!

On Saturday we headed to the gym for our long run for 2 1/2 hours (well, Clint ran that long. Me? I ran for an hour and 15 minutes) and then came back home. A little while after, we got invited to go on a walk outside with some friends, and said yes without any hesitation.

We decided to go across the river, which is covered in about 3 feet of snow. There are also some spots that you sink in, and some spots that you just walk over. It definitely is a guessing game, "Am I going to sink? Or am I not?"

Here are some pictures from the walk. For the first time, Clint has the camera:

"WHOOPS!" Found a sink-spot!

Clint says, "Wait!" 

Just for the record, B slept the entire time and I am so thrilled to finally say that it feels like spring here. Well, as Spring-y as it can feel like in the arctic this time of year. It was so warm out that B didn't need her wind/sun guard up! 

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April 19, 2011

The First...

Guess what?! Bria finally fit into her very first outfit. Ever! Last summer when we went home to Ketchikan, my mom had bough this cute little outfit from Walmart. Clint and I were totally set on having a baby boy so we figured we would make my mom happy and take it. Boy are we glad we did! We couldn't have asked for a better baby than our baby girl, and the outfit was too darn cute not to put her in it...Regardless of the 30 degree weather and snow still laying on the ground! Don't worry, she had pants over it when we went outside and of course, her despised snowsuit!

 Thanks Nana!

P.S. this little girl knows the camera and smiles every time she see's one! I guess that's because this mommy already has hundreds...Well, probably thousands of pictures of her since the day she was born. Thank you hubby for getting me such a nice camera to play with and learn about (obviously I have tons to still learn!)...

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April 17, 2011

Family Time...

It has been bea-utiful outside! The weather is a whopping 35 degrees outside, no wind, and the snow is melting (finally!)

As I type this Clint is on the deck with his sunglasses 'n guitar playing Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson. I'm glad he's been picking up his guitar lately, especially when he sings to our little girl. She is bubbly about him :) (pun intended).

We took a little stroll up White Mountain Hill today to take some much needed family pictures. Nothing fills my heart more than when I am packing our little us, walking hand in hand with my man in the outdoors. It's purely perfect. In every way.

I absolutely adore our pictures. They may not be technically correct, but they are the best pictures on this blog to date :) ...

Here they are. My perfect family:

Here is another photo shoot that Clint did when I was 26 weeks preggo with B!!
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Re-Blogged from Clint's Blog

The Power of Music!
Read about it HERE
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Happy Sunday!

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April 16, 2011

What I'm lovin' this week:

I have stumbled across some pretty neat stuff this week on Etsy. I absolutely love handmade lovelies, and love discovering new, artsy people. I totally wish I could have some more time in the day to get stuff made!  Here are some of the things that I have been eyeing:

Who doesn't love a baby in overalls?!

Found at Little Orange

Cute lil' headbands for lil' heads! 

Burnt Orange Daisy Hairclip:
 From Kelly over at Kelly Joy Botique

Every little girl needs a retro dress!

Ruffle Sleeve Dress with Mod Circles
Found at UrbanTot
Cute footsies!

Children's Soft Sole Shoes in Animal Print:
Found at UrbanTot

I love shopping online and it's getting easier to not be so impulsive with everything I see. The internet is my only source of "shopping" because of our rural location. However, it is easier to sit here in my pj's and chai with B sleeping in her bobby and shop than it would be walkin' round with her in a baby carrier, me having to get dressed and put at least some make-up on so I don't look like a zombie that just woke up!

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