April 21, 2011


This post is dedicated on how to get a GOOD workout (aka: loose the baby fat!) while living in bush Alaska, on the tundra, in the spring, in 40 degree weather and with a baby!

On Saturday we headed to the gym for our long run for 2 1/2 hours (well, Clint ran that long. Me? I ran for an hour and 15 minutes) and then came back home. A little while after, we got invited to go on a walk outside with some friends, and said yes without any hesitation.

We decided to go across the river, which is covered in about 3 feet of snow. There are also some spots that you sink in, and some spots that you just walk over. It definitely is a guessing game, "Am I going to sink? Or am I not?"

Here are some pictures from the walk. For the first time, Clint has the camera:

"WHOOPS!" Found a sink-spot!

Clint says, "Wait!" 

Just for the record, B slept the entire time and I am so thrilled to finally say that it feels like spring here. Well, as Spring-y as it can feel like in the arctic this time of year. It was so warm out that B didn't need her wind/sun guard up! 

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