April 30, 2011

Julbo Review

We've all seen them...The cute little babies with the most ginormous  sunglasses that cover half their faces. Most may put sunglasses on their babes because they are just so darn adorable and pretty funny. It's not only cute, but practical to protect your babies eyes. 
We don't wear cheap ole' sunglasses with no UVA, B  or C protection, so why would we resort to cheap glasses for our daughter?!

Julbo is a company that is widely known for their sport and performance eye protection whether it's water, snow, sand, or ice...And...Baby 'n toddler wear too! 

Contemplate this: The younger the child is, the more vulnerable their eyes are. Unlike an adult's eye, the lens in a child's eye has almost no protective pigments. A child's crystalline lens is totally transparent with a very large pupil. Children's eyes therefore absorb much more harmful solar radiation than adults.

After reading the above statement, it clicked! We need to get Bria a pair of sunglasses, but not just any pair. a good pair! Just as we were looking, We were gifted a pair of Julbo Looping 4 glasses! 

Here is just a couple of things that we love about Bria's new Julbo sunglasses: 

*Even though she's only -almost- four months old these glasses fit perfectly
*They are shock resistant and flexible
*soft enough for her head
*100% protected from all the UV's : A, B, and C
*A detachable strap so the glasses grow when she grows
* Reversible so we don't have to worry about which way is up
*Lead free! They don't paint their sunglasses so we don't have to worry about B putting the glasses in her mouth...

And the most important part? She doesn't mind them at all! She actually loves to look around when she has these glasses on! 

I am so glad we found a pair of sunglasses that we will be able to use for years and that will withstand her active and crazy -to be- lifestyle.

California here we come!

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