April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

This was the first weekend in a long time that we had no obligations, no prior commitments, no school activities, and we milked every second of it... On friday we went for a hike with snowshoes and then we went home and played with B.

On Saturday, we cleaned the house (it has gotten quite dusty and messy over the past few weeks) and played with Bria some more! Then, we were invited to  dinner at a friends house. Which was delicious as always and wonderful company!  Bria was getting into her too-tired-can't-fall-asleep-screaming phase around 8:30-9:00pm so we had to leave abruptly. I wasn't able to get her calm until around 10:30 and then she finally fell asleep. Once I left the bedroom, she started wailing again! Clint took over and was able to get her to sleep for good this time around 11:00. I don't like when Bria cries so hard that she has a hard time catching her breathe. She's over-tired and over-stimulated. I needed to create an intervention...and quick!

Bria's getting to the age where a routine would be very beneficial to her. So, I made a bedtime routine that we will start using every night starting Sunday:

8:00-8:30(or 8:45)- Bath time with Mom and Dad singin' songs - B's favorite!
8:45-9:00- Lotion, jammies, new diaper, naked time on the changing pad (another one of B's favorite)
9:00-9:15-Read her books: Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Baby, and Counting Kisses (these will be repeated for a few weeks)
9:15-9:30- Put on her Goodnight Bear and let her fall asleep

This will be a good time for us parents to wind down and have an hour or so to ourselves before bed time. I am learning that it is SO important to have some time alone too :)

On Sunday...You guessed it :) We played with B even more! She's getting to be at such a fun age now that she's interacting with us and showing reactions to our goofiness. I absolutely love...love...LOVE being a mom and it gets better every second of every day!

Here are some pictures of "play-time" Sunday morning:

Bria know's the camera all to well! 

Also on Sunday I:

* Made my homemade baby wipes
*Made some homemade laundry soap (post coming soon!)
*Washed B's diapers
*Made bushman's bread (post coming soon!)

A quiet, but productive weekend...Just what we needed.

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