April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday was a great day, and it kicked off the weekend to a great start! While at the work, Clint said that he had a surprise for me-I could hardly wait, I love when Clint surprises me with something and it's not an anniversary, holiday, or my birthday...It usually is a random Thursday (or in this case, Friday!)

I have been wanting to learn how to make seal skin slippers, but don't have the resources, the time, or the knowledge to even start. So when Clint surprised me with these beauties, I was floored!

These slippers are made from a gal who lives in Teller, Alaska - which is another village that's part of the Bering Strait School District. They are made with spotted seal, and beaver for the ruff on top.

Unfortunately, the weekend didn't stay as wonderful as I'd hope. Clint had to travel yet again for sports. I love the fact that he is committed to doing so much for the kids, but I have to say, I'm glad it's over because it seems like we have been going none-stop since Bria was born and we have got to get in some much needed family time. So needless to say, Friday night was a long night. Not because Bria was fussy (she was wonderful as always) but because it is hard to be home alone without Clint. Call me crazy, but I love being with my husband every.single.night.

Here is Bria just sound asleep during a nap on Friday:

 Isn't she just darling? I don't think I have posted a picture with her sportin' her new Kawaii Baby cloth diapers I bought from The Luv Your Baby about two weeks ago.

Stay tuned for a cloth diaper update here -hopefully-this weekend!

If you want to check out what my thoughts were before starting here is that post.

Clint came home on Saturday around 2:30!! I cleaned (a little bit!), made his coffee, and had dinner prepared (such a good house wife)... All the while, Bria was sleeping like this: 

  It is so cute! Since Bria was only a few weeks old, she would turn her head towards the direction of her Daddy's voice, and today was no exception. As soon as she heard her Daddy's voice, she was all smiles and wide-eyed, showing us her beauty-blues!

Bria loves her daddy's voice and will stare intently like she's absorbing every syllable he sings. She loves it. I love that she loves it. 

I also called my Papa because it has been way to long and we haven't seen him in two years! One of the first things he said was, "I want to talk to Bria!" She was 'talking' until we put the phone to her ear... And then she was silent, content on listening to what he had to say...She also had the biggest gummy grin too (I wonder what he was saying?!) 

Here she is talking to her Great-Grandpa (Papa): 
This picture was taken a second after one of her grins-I'm bummed that I wasn't fast enough to get that smile, but at least this is a cute picture too! 

So, we are off into the week. 7 weeks until summer. 7 weeks until we see family again. 7 weeks until we can sleep in and spend our days with Bria. 7 weeks until we can go hiking, running, fishing, crabbing, camping, kayaking!!! 7 weeks and I can't wait! 

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