November 22, 2009

Care Package!!

No one creates a care package like my Mother and Sister in-law!!! We received 2...Not 1...But 2!! priority boxes from our family: "The prior residents of Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming"! It's such a nice feeling getting boxes of goodies near the holiday season! Plus, there were 2!! bags of Jelly Belly's!!

We are very, very spoiled.

Thank you very. very. very. much!!


Around the house!

If you know us, you know that we don't like white walls in our house. When we were painting our new house down in Ketchikan, we painted it yellow. Then, when we moved up here to our new apartment we were itching to paint, but didn't know if we could. Andy, our principal talked with us last Thursday and asked if we were interested in painting our house! So, we painted 3 walls in our apartment RED! Actually, it's a copper color and looks fabulous! It really makes it more homey and comfortable..
Take a look :)

Our living Room:
The dining room
The Kitchen:
Yup, we definitely like the copper/red color much better :)

November 17, 2009

I made the news!!!

Okay, Okay, not really...But, it is a publication of one of my photos in a brochure for the University of Alaska Elementary Program! It's a cute photo, and I'm glad they were able to use it for the brochure. Hopefully it inspires people to become part of the program :)
Take A look:

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