About Us

Hi! Welcome to Life As We Know It. Thank you for stopping by, we hope you kick off your shoes and stay a while :) ...

Who are we? 

The Mama aka Tory:

 Hi! I'm Tory. A 24 year old who is married to the love of her life and new(ish) mama to the most precious, beautiful creation, our daughter, Bria Eden. I am also a Kindergarten teacher in a small Inupiaq village in northern Alaska (population approx. 240). I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, wanna be crafter, a pursuer of photography, and a dormant jewelry designer. Above all else, I am a woman of God.


The Daddy aka Clint aka Super Dad:

Clint is my inspiration. He is the most amazing person I know. Kind to everyone, mean to no one, a follower of Christ. He is my go-to guy around these parts because no matter what, he can get Bria to fall asleep. Not only is Clint the second grade teacher but he is also the cross country running coach, skiing coach, wrestling coach, after school tutor, Hunter/Safety instructor, one of our Youth Group leaders, and our Sensei for Kingdom Karate. Read more about him here.


The Babes: aka Bria Eden aka Peanut aka Love Bug aka Miss B aka Bee-aah:

She made this world a better place on January 5, 2011. She blessed us with her presence 2 weeks early and was the most perfect 5 lb. 12 oz baby! You can read All About Bria here!  She is more than we ever could have imagined with having a daughter. She loves climbing on her walker, eating cheerios, falling asleep with Daddy, laughing when Mama sings, and drinking water from a glass (we are trying hard to get her to drink from a sippy cup!).

The Pup aka Sierra aka Wild Thing

Clint and I picked Sierra up at a Safeway parking lot in the first weeks of our relationship ( I think this was a tactic on Clint's part :) ) . Of course we had to pick the most lively pup out of the liter! We have never regretted it. Although I hate all the dog hair, Sierra is our first "child" and we love her. She loves to get a belly rub down from her dad, bark at everything she sees from the windows, and loves to lick and play with Bria.


I thank you for joining us in our adventure  as Life As We Know It has changed into an altogether beautiful creation!

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