December 3, 2014

The Cozy Mug: A Review

So being a stay-at-home-mom sometimes one of the most exciting parts of the day is getting the mail. True story. Even if you aren't expecting anything, just the excitement of getting things delivered to your door is nice. Especially if it's a day where you just want to go out and do something. I discovered the world of subscription boxes. Oh.My. It's wonderfully addictive and dangerous! There are so many out there, but the one that seemed to be saying "TORY!" and this one was The Cozy Mug.

The Packaging is so pretty and well thought out. It's like a Gift every month!

The Cozy Mug is only $19.95 a month and comes with a plethora of amazing tea samples (which are full size!) and cute little items for a cozy night. I received the Christmas box this last week and I was in aww of the quality of teas they chose.

Here is a little bit about The Cozy Mug from their website:

The Cozy Mug was created for a simple and selfish reason. I LOVE collecting and trying new teas, coffees and other necessities to create my perfect cozy mug. The Cozy Mug offers members the opportunity to discover a featured tea company every month or to try our box with a featured coffee brand every month both from around the world. You'll not only experience coffees and teas but also an array of other fun whimsical items to help you create your perfect mug of tea, hot cocoa, cider or coffee. You may also get a a few surprise treats included in your monthly shipment such as cookies, chocolates, lip balms among a plethora of other lovely charming itmes. Each month will be a surprise! One thing you can rely on is that every month you will be emerged into a new and exciting way to create your perfect cozy mug for a few moments of "YOU TIME."



 Even my son loved the box!

I received 6 tea bags, 1 bag of loose leaf tea, a full size chocolate bar that is already gone, a honey spice stir stick, a post card that I already sent to a friend, and a beautiful full size nail polish from e.l.f. The Christmas Adagio loose leaf tea is my favorite and i've had it everyday this week.

If you love tea in your morning mug or at night while you are reading, this service is amazing and you won't be disappointed :) You can sign up here: Sign up for The Cozy Mug

If you would like to follow them on Facebook you can check their site out here: The Cozy Mug on Facebook. You can check their past boxes and reviews on the service.

They had a few extra boxes that where up to buy, and I bought a second one...I was going to do a give-a-way, but I really loved the box SO much I kept it for myself to share with my family. Hehe. Maybe next month I will purchase two for a giveaway.

**I was not compensated for the subscription and used my own money for the box. All opinions are 100% my own**
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