December 16, 2014

Winter Traditions

(Ketchikan Sunrise in November)
(photo credit: Jodi Gatti -Not sure why it copyrighted my name) 

I have always loved Winter and Christmas more than any other season or holiday. Not only the lights, trees, decorations, and the true meaning of Christmas, but the traditions that we have as a family. I have a plethora of wonderful memories of making candies, driving and looking at the lights on the neighborhood houses, going to the mall and seeing Santa Claus, decorating the tree, and my favorite: On Christmas Eve my dad would always read from Luke 2-21. The birth of Jesus Christ right before bed. My sisters and I would all sleep in the same bed, which made for a sleepless night. Not just because we were overly excited and thinking about all the presents under the tree, but because there was four of us all twisted together with legs in faces and knees in backs.

When Clint and I decided to have our own family-actually when I told him it's time to have kids, I was excited for the holidays especially. Kids just bring holiday's to a whole new level. What once was trying to please and excite Clint on Christmas with the best present I could find was now exchanged for both of us trying to instill holiday traditions with Jesus as the center of attention (as it should be).

I wanted to share just some of our traditions that we have adopted over the years. It will be ever evolving and changing once our munchkins get a little older, but I'm rejoicing in the fact that they are tiny little people right now.

Yes. That is a onesie I am wearing. Hot Chocolate. Christmas movie. Jewelry making. A bit of Heaven at home:

Snowflakes arts and crafts!

 (apparently my kids don't like clothes)

Gingerbread houses: 

Elf On The Shelf with the virtues of Jesus:

And sitting on Santa's Lap:

(non of my kids cried. They ran to Santa and told him what they wanted for Christmas. Bria want's a "big barbie car she can drive" and Bailey wants "a princess that sings" 

What are some of your family traditions? 

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