November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend was a well rested, well needed mini vacation! Clint and I spent the weekend cross country skiing, running, eating, sleeping, and watching movies. First off, school was out at 2:30 on Wednesday to start off the holiday weekend. It was a beautiful day, so Clint and I decided to go cross-country skiing by the frozen lake. I was getting better as my balance was improving. Here are some pictures:

Before the 2:00 dinner, Clint and I decided to go for a run by the airport which was fun in the sense that I was working out, but not fun because it is very hard to run on snow and ice. Very hard. I consider myself to be an in-shape athlete, but this challenged me. The weather was beautiful but c.o.l.d.! The sun was just setting so it was a pretty site. We had a fabulous dinner with some of the staff members here at the six plex on Thursday. TONS of food and desserts. It's always nice to know-no matter what- that when you are away from family, friends will fill the emptiness during special occasions and I am VERY thankful for friends:). This was the first time that I have been away from home and although it wasn't a bad experience, I'd much rather see my family during the holiday season.The rest of the weekend Clint and I just vegged out, which was a much needed rest. We watched movies and slept the entire time!

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