September 3, 2009


Moose season opened up on September 1. You better believe that Clint and I have been out every night since then. Well Clint has, I have stayed in one night. We both have been fighting a cold and we are going, going, going-much like an energizer bunny! We packed our camping seats, binoculars, gun/ammo, tea, coffee, and bundled up nice and cozy. We hiked to 3rd mountain the first night of the opening and didn't see anything, except a Grizzly Bear in the woods about 50 yards away from us. It was pretty neat! As we were sitting there, I learned some hunting terms: Glassing means spotting for the Moose by sitting and looking at the tree lines. We glassed most of the night and didn't see anything. And of course the other terms that I learned, I have already forgot! Here are some neat pictures:

Oh yeah, we also saw a porcupine on the side of the road on our way back home! It was waddling so funny I failed miserably to get a good picture so Clint chased him into the woods to take these. He said the porcupine was scared, but he sure looks mean!

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