September 12, 2009

Crisp...Salmonberry Crisp...

A little while back, I posted about our Salmon berry picking adventure in the beginning of August. Since then, I have been searching for a recipe to make a Salmon berry dessert-There is not one to be found! Seriously. I asked some of the local gals here in WMO, and they just say," you can make anything! Pies, pancakes, bread, cakes, ect". So, I decided to look up simple berry recipes and came across an easy recipe with few ingredients (until we get ourselves more set up supplies-wise up here, we don't have a lot of the 'special' ingredients that desserts call for)!

***Updated to show you a delicious picture :)***

If you heat up the crisp and add a spoonful of vanilla ice cream-it's THAT much better :)

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