September 2, 2009

September is National _______ Month!!

Everyone knows that each months has it's own 'holiday' or something that is celebrated. While browsing the internet (seems to be one of my favorite things these days) I found a website with all the months and a list of every national holiday for each month.

Septembers is:

Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrated from September 15-October 15.
National Potato Month
National Rice Month
National Mushroom Month
All American Breakfast Month
Better Breakfast Month
Emergency Care Month
National Sight Saving Month
National Chicken Month
National Piano Month
National Honey Month
Self-Improvement Month
Women of Achievement Month
National Hispanic Month
National Courtesy Month
National Papaya Month? (or June)
Hug a Texas Chef Month
Mom & Apple Pie Month
National Biscuit Month
National Cholesterol Awareness Month
National Organic Harvest Month
National Yoga Month
So, with so many to chose from, which is your favorite?
(The ones in bold are mine :)

**I'm on my way to do some Yoga, and eat some Apple Pie to better my-self :)

Happy September!

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