March 13, 2012

Photo Contest Winner!

I am stoked you guys. I just won a photo contest over at Our Reflection !!  She hosts a weekly contest, and last week was Childhood.  You can see my entry here When Bria was born I started taking photography a little seriously because I wanted to capture special moments. I have been glued to my camera every since (well, with the exception of the occasional break). A lot of you told me that some of her photos would win contests because she is just so dang cute, expressive, and photogenic. I bit the bullet and entered this little gem into the Childhood contest....

{I don't know why I can't get this picture any bigger on blogger, sorry!}

I can't take any credit for the picture. It was all because of Bria. She works the camera like no other!

The first place wins this:


I am so thankful and so excited. I have never won anything over the internet before! Thank you Laura @ Our Reflections and the judges for this week :)

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