April 1, 2010

"You're not Clint!"

Even though Clint's second grade students knew I was going to be the substitute for today and tomorrow, they all walked in with a bewildered look on their faces. I swear, over half of them said, "You're not Clint!".

Well thank you second graders!! I am very glad-although he is good looking and perhaps the most handsome man on the planet-that I don't look like my husband :) 

We had a fairly nice day with the usual try-and-get-away-with-anything-we-can attitude and the daily grind of having their entire day thrown off because a different "teacher" (I used the quotations because I am not officially a teacher until May 16th :) was in the room. 

Here is what I found on my desk: 

Cute right? 

They are letters from my substitute students :)

Here is what was inside the pink one: 
Translation: "To Tory Shultz....Sorry that I never listened to you I will try my best"

Although it was a very nice note. This was from a student who listened very well and is a great kid! 

They are all GREAT but there are some that are just a teeny, tiny, bit more well behaved than others.

And she's one of them :) 

Here is the letter that was in the green envelope:
Translation: " To Tory...I know your favorite color is green That's why i'm using the color"

Have a good day!

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