April 15, 2010

Workout Partner!

Every Tuesday night from 6:30-9:00 Clint teaches Karate to some students and adults here in White Mountain.  During that time, I am at home working on my kicks and punches with Jillian Michaels.
Her DVD's along with a ton of my Yoga ones have saved me from become insane from not being able to be outside or workout.

Anyway, this last Tuesday (I know this is a little late-but, better late than never right?) Sierra was feeling a little left out and wanted to join in.  While I was doing a 'circuit' with jumping jacks and running in place I was looking down at this:

While I was doing my core circuit, while laying down on my back doing some crunches I found Sierra like this: 
 It feels good to have a back-up workout partner while Clint's not around! 

And yes. I did stop the workout, ran and got the camera, and started my workout over again to take this picture. Hey, you have to take pictures while you got the chance right?

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