April 28, 2010

Fun in Pre-k

It has been a c.r.a.z.y few weeks here in the preschool. There has been so many changes and new routines this week has been a bit of rest and relaxation while learning through art! I love love love incorporating any type of art media into the classroom and do so as often as I can! 

We have done so many different art projects I don't know where to begin! 

We were studying farm animals last week so we: 
painted with feathers! We pretended they were from chickens...

We made a spring mural with finger paint:
"yes, grass can be up like that!" -a 3 yr old

And, we have made these:
Lion Masks :)

Quotes for the week: 

1. Me trying to get a kid to eat a cracker, "If you eat at least one cracker, it will help you be nice and strong." 

The kid nods his head no. 

Me: "Can you please eat just one cracker. You're going to be so sad later because you'll be hungry." 

Kid: "Teacher Tory," with tears running down his cheek, "you're breaking my heart!" as he takes a nibble of his cracker.

**He ate the whole cracker though! It's sad that I'm a heart breaker when it comes to food though :) 

2. During music time, the kids were standing in a circle-withe no help from me-and they were all bending their heads down rolling them in a circle, singing: 

Kid #1: Roll your head right around...

Kid #2: Roll my head round and round.

Kid #1: Roll your head A-round not 'round

Kid #3: Roll you head right around right around...like in a circle.

**It took me a while to figure out what they were singing, but they were singing Flo Rida, Right Round. For those of you who don't know it's a hip-hop song that is pretty mature!


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