April 10, 2010

Elementary Skiing!

A while back I posted about the 32nd Annual Skiing Meet here in WMO and I totally forgot to mention that the Elementary had their own skiing meet during school! It was the cutest sight. We had the official coordinators of the regional meet create a ski trail around the school for the K-6 students. They were all very pleased to be recognized as skiers and we had every student participate! It was a fun filled hour an a half. I enjoyed watching our kinder kids go at it like they were pro's. And, in all actuality they were better than me! We gave out certificates and hats to the elementary skiers during the Regional Awards ceremony.


Living in a place where they concentrate heavily on the success of all their students, makes me very happy that Clint and I are part of it, and part of the community!

Getting ready to start the race!
(Second/Third Grade)

And they're off! 
(Kindergarten/First Grade)

Clint and a First grader racing towardst the finish line:)

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