April 12, 2010

First Day Jitters..

  Last night I felt like I was 9 years old and it was Christmas Eve. I couldn't sleep and I was anxious to get the day started. Although I didn't receive any presents today it was my first day as a Kawerak Head Start Teacher! 

 I had a great day playing teaching. Because teaching this age groups does feel like playing!

Today I went to work at 8:30. I had no keys to the building, I didn't understand what the students schedule was, or how things were done (I don't want to change anything until next year since the students already have a system/schedule). And no one was there! I took a deep breath, and started snooping looking around, it is however, my classroom now :).  I finally found the weekly plan book (we follow Success For All and all the lesson planning is already done, we're spoiled, I know!) and I started to figure out what to do for the day. 

I was so so thankful that one of the ladies who has been the substitute showed up not five minutes after me. Thank goodness. She really helped out and showed me what the regular routine was. I don't think I would have had such a nice day if it weren't for her!

It turns out, the students were not ready to work at all. They all acted like they were super excited to have "Teacher Tory" in the classroom and they just couldn't contain their excitement. I had a tough time getting them to sit down for a story, practice their name, or sing the ABC's. I guess that's all part of the excitement of the first day with a new teacher/classroom.

We'll see what tomorrow brings :)

Oh yeah, this is my classroom:

Standing in the door looking to the left. That door is the bathroom.

The middle of the classroom and my desk.

The craft cupboards and reading area! 

Excuse the messiness-I spent the afternoon doing some housekeeping:

*Taking everything out of the shelves and cleaning them
*Seeing the loads and loads of fun material I inherited! 

Here is my desk area, I cleaned it before I took the picture.

This weekend is a re-arranging party in the Head Start classroom-I have a red carpet guest attending, my strong husband to help with the heavy lifting :). To make it more of my own and a little bit better for the way I want to teach the kids.
Very exciting day....Ready for tomorrow!


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