April 18, 2010

BBQ Season is heeere!!

Clint and I got an early start this morning! We received a wake-up call from my dad at 8:00 wondering when my graduation was. I don't think he realized that although I'm graduating, I won't be attending the ceremony. 

Later, before we had breakfast we had changed my entire classroom (it feels a little weird saying that!) around and made it my own. I'll post some more pictures of that a little later when I have time to take 'em. It was too nice outside to stay indoors so we quickly went home and ate breakfast.

After, we slowly made our way out on to our deck. With temperatures like this: 
It was simply irresistible!

We decided to have a BBQ! Thanks to Andy, we were able to go to the old school and get some fold out chairs and a table! It was simply a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful, amazing way to spend a sunday :)

Clint getting the grill started: 

Mmm... Moose Meat and Italian Sausages:

I was in charge of the condiments, perhaps the most important part of the meal :)

Having fun in the sun!

Our furry babes were having a good time too!

Cheers to many, many more BBQ Sundays!!!

Hope you had a nice sunday!

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