April 13, 2010

Bright Pearly Whites

Two times a year, the dentist visits White Mountain to do checkups, cleanings, fillings, and pulls teeth yikes! I have always avoided the dentist like they were part of the plague. I never liked going to the dentist office. The smell and the way the tools looked really really freaked me out! 

Last night, Clint was talking to one of the teachers and he mentioned that he was getting his teeth cleaned. Cleaned? Yes! Living in Gambell, the dentist did come but we never thought we could go to them! So, last night Clint called the dentist to make an appointment for later in the week (did I mention he made the call around 8:15 pm because my class ran a little late?) and the dentist told him to come on down! So, we got dressed (we had our pj's on) and headed down on the snow machine! 

Now, I we have beautiful pearly white clean teeth!

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