September 3, 2010

The Ring of Life....

**A post dedicated to one of Clint's passions-Karate

Looking at the title and reading the little subtitle above, you may be thinking Whaa? No post about mama or baby or cuteness? Nah! I thought tonight, I'd mix it up a bit, you can thank me later :).

As most of you know, Clint is amazing at Karate and has been co-teaching a Karate class to students and community members here in White Mountain with our pastor and his family.  It has been a long journey to get an organization running-but we-I mean they- have successfully created classes that serve over 9 people (which is still growing) and is highly talked about throughout the community and surrounding villages!

At any rate, the reason why I wanted to post about this, was the guest speakers/Karate instructors that came up from Oklahoma to demonstrate what they do for a living. Denny Holzbauer, and___________  who are instructors from American Bushido-Kai Karate Associations. Did I mention that they are from a Christian Karate school?!?!? How amazing is that! Not only did we, as the audience, get to see some really neat high-kicks and round 'bout punches, but we also were learning about how they have given themselves to Jesus Christ.

"It only takes ONE GOOD MOVE to go from losing to winning in life.  That ONE GOOD MOVE is to believe in Jesus Christ and let HIM be your Savior and Lord.  I urge you with all of my heart to do that today."- Denny Holzbauer.

These pictures are worth more than my words:

Clint and the whole group:
The Group

Denny and Christa with a Kata demonstration:
Denny & Christa Demo

Clint with his self-defense demonstration & Kata:
Clint's Demo / Kata

Denny Jumped over 4 kids and Christa and performed a high-kick to break the board:
Denny Board Break Kick

Clint with another self-defense demonstration:
Clint Demo w/ Samuel&Ross

Christa Kicking paper out of Denny's ear's & mouth:
Christa High Kick

As you can probably imagine, it was an entertaining night to say the least. There were many community members in the stands, and hopefully were inspired to attend Clint and Pastor Ross's Karate Classes! I know I was and as soon as baby is here, I'm going to join them!

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