September 18, 2010


As I am diligently trying to get through my coursework for my three masters classes this week, I find myself turning on firefox, and looking through the abundant amount of baby items out there! I cannot wait until the time comes where we can physically put stuff on our sweet baby. It's going to be amazing. After about an hour of getting my browsing done, and I am full of baby goodness-I can move on.  Slowly I am able to get one assignment done.

After that? It's back to fulfilling my study time with this:

red booties

Yup! I finished them...These are the next size up from the purple pair. By the time our baby girl is born, she's going to have a bazillion pairs of these and the like...

Clint would call me a butterfly as in I can't concentrate on one thing, that as soon as something pop into my head, I change a little butterfly.  But this? This is a positive butterfly moment.  Seriously.

all booties

I wish I could take credit for the pattern, but alas, I am not that creative! I found the pattern  here

Be on a look out for more of these cutie-patootie-booties!
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