September 6, 2010

Overrated ?!?!

*Happy Labor Day*!  

I have spent this day parked on the couch watching Will & Grace and Friends all day. It has been lovely-what would have been lovelier is Clint right next to me but he's working on Karate stuff.

Okay, now on to my thoughts...My head has been spinning with baby cuteness since we found out I was pregnant! Now, with me having the bump it's getting worse with every day that passes. I'm spending a lot of time:

*reading blogs, chat boards, baby sites (wondering if all these body issues and hormonal craziness are normal)
*shopping (and by that, I mean putting items in a shopping cart only to dream and not to purchase as of right now)
*looking at baby shower (since I'm not going to be in ketchikan very long, don't know if I'll have one-which is okay-but still fun to look at)

*looking at nursery ideas (again, not really purchasing anything-just looking at some fabulous nursery finds)

With all of the information I have gathered I have come to the conclusion: Is it really necessary? If you have read this post, you know that I would love to spend the extra money on the cute 'n extra stuff for our babes, but even though we are a two-income family now, we would rather not go above and beyond what is really necessary! However, I have been having so much fun looking at the eye baby-candy out there :) As you have seen in this post, here and this one as well.

I have conquered the shopping posts and now, here are the cutest baby shower ideas!

1) Dr. Seuss! Who would have thought to have an entire baby shower around the silly Cat in the Hat and Oh! The Places You'll Go! ? Obviously many talented ladies. Here's one of my favorite from Kara over @ Kara's Party Ideas:

This woman used Dr. Seuss books as her overall theme for different tables at the baby shower-


Green Eggs and Ham:

Cat in the Hat (Thing one & Thing two):

Horton Hears a Who: 

One Fish, Two Fish:

And here's the food table:

There ya have it! It's cute/fun/funky right?! And since I don't know if our little babes is a he or she yet, I've been looking at gender neutral showers :)

2)Milk & Cookies you can't go wrong with this theme.  I found this as a 1 year birthday party for a little girl, but it could be easily transformed into a baby shower and would the cookies be delicious! I mean, what better way to celebrate with a prego lady eating cookies at a party?  This idea and pictures came from here.

This won't work, obviously for a shower in Ketchikan with the weather, but I do love the pom poms!

This is perhaps my Favorite part of this baby shower..Mmmm...Mmmm...Good!!

And... We need milk to go with the cookies :) :

Okay, I fibbed just a little bit.  This may be my favorite part! Y.U.M.M.Y

And the party favors, I thought that it would be cute just to use brown paper bags as well :)

Are you sure you want some more?! Well, actually I have no idea when I would be able to stop if  I kept going. I have always loved the craftiness of some women who actually have the time, energy, and funds for parties like these.  But, I have to tell you, they are definitely good eye-candy :) ... I hope you enjoyed!


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