September 24, 2010

"Just You Wait"

"Just you wait."

"Your time will come."

"Let me know if you still feel that way at 7 months."

These are all phrases I have heard throughout my pregnancy whether it be relating to my belly growing, my energy level, the way I eat, or the mood swings that are so popular among moms-to-be.  I kept thinking to myself Nah, it won't happen to me. 

But it did. It happened last night.

I stood at the sink after I finished doing dishes and I started bawling. Hyperventilating-type bawling! I had no idea what was wrong with me and then it hit me...She didn't move today. All the books and information out there says it may be too early to feel fetal movements consistently until you're past 28 weeks. I'm only 23 weeks. But being able to feel her everyday has been a miracle God has given me, and to think that it's gone, was heart-breaking!

I stood there, trying to find some composure, if there was any left. It took about two minutes. I finally stopped long enough to pray. Out loud. In my kitchen. Where our two dogs sit at my feet with their heads tilted and ears up. I prayed.

No sooner that I said "Amen" she started kicking like crazy. My stomach was moving like it was flipping upside down. I smiled. Not just a smirk-like smile. A Smile that literally touched my ears. 

Thank you Lord! Thank you for hearing me, even if it was this crazy-out-of-my-mind-silly-nonsense moment for me.

Thank goodness Clint was at practice, or he would have thought I am even more crazy than I already am!

Our baby girl is a healthy, happy baby and she's a blessing in our lives :)

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