September 29, 2010

6 Month Mark!

Today was the first day that I actually felt big and pregnant!

It was a hard day at preschool as I was constantly having to run to the restroom, and having difficulty getting up and down off the floor- hence the post that was before this one about smiling.

It was a challenge, one that I'm sure is just bound to get worse! But in retrospect, it's a challenge that I can't wait for! It just means our Sweet Pea Baby Girl is growing. :)

Without too much more ramblings...We're off to the good stuff:

How far along? 24 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: Still no idea, but I'm sure it's a ton!
Sleep: I have been sleeping incredibly well. Clint has mentioned that I have been cuddling with him a lot lately. I have no recollection of this, but I like it :)
Best moment this week: Monday night, Clint made dinner (like he does most nights) and took care of everything while I soaked in a warm bath with a candle and my meditation music, thinking about our amazing future we have ahead of us. It was so relaxing and took away all my stresses about work and school! What a Sweet, Sweet man I have for a husband.
Food Cravings: Non this week. The sweet cravings have finally subsided and I'm back to my snackage of apples, and pears :)
Gender: Girl!!
Labor Signs: None
Belly button in or out: In, but I have decided to let you know Clint's favorite thing to do; he proceeds to stick his finger in my belly button and twirl it around making a "wheee" noise! As ridiculous as that sounds, it's hilarious! My belly button is H.U.G.E.
What I miss: Running
What I am looking forward too: Besides the obvious (i.e.: future with our baby girl finally here, and seeing family in December and January). I'm excited to get back into a rigorous workout regime while starting Karate! 
Weekly Wisdom:  I don't feel like I'm full of any wisdom at this point
Milestones: hitting the 6 month mark! I can't believe that in just 16 weeks (give or take-hopefully-just a few days) we will have our little girl in our arms!!! 

Here is what The Bump has to say about pregnancy during the 24th week:

The Bump: 24 weeks!


24 Weeks!
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