September 3, 2010

Our Baby's a Rockstar!!

Just a real quick post to mark this special occasion.  You may be wondering why a Friday in September would be marked on my calendar as a day to celebrate. But alas my friends, I have good reason! You ready?

Our baby kicked!!

On September 3, 2010 @ 2:03 pm I felt our little Rockstar baby kick for the first time!!!

It wasn't quite a 'magical' moment at first, until I realized what was happening. 3 different times I felt a sensation in my stomach-as if someone was jabbing a pencil inside my womb. It happened on the lower left side. It happened while listening to preschool songs while trying to find some music for next week. It was the most incredible feeling that I have ever had in my life. Knowing that there is a little person growing inside me is unbelievable-and what's even more remarkable is that it's part Clint and part Me. That reason. Right there. Is perhaps the most amazing thing about this entire pregnancy.

Dear Lil' Rockstar,

You are quite the mover and shaker in my tummy :).  Today was a milestone for both of us, as it was the first time mommy felt your sweet little kick! You, my little one, are my definition of happiness. Every time I feel you move, you put a smile on my face. Every time your daddy and I talk about you (which has been almost everyday, all day), you put a smile on our face. Every time I think about you wrapping your little fingers around ours, it puts that smile on our face.

Now, our task is to raise you with the same desire to seek and find those people, experiences, places that will bring you personal joy. I promise that we will always support you in your journeys-may they be far away, or in our backyard. Now that I know you are listening in there, I will be playing some music for you to dance to. 

Until we can dance together,

Your Mama


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