February 15, 2012

Our Valentine

Valentines is a wonderful holiday..for some. But for us? It was a typical day here at the Shultz residence...With the exception of dressing Bria up in her cute Valentine outfit from Auntie Erica, and receiving a handmade card from Bria (yes, her babysitter made a card with Bria's crayon colorings!!)...Oh, every holiday is so much more fun with kids. I swear, I can't wait for Easter this year!

Valentines for Clint and I hasn't been a big deal. Even though Valentines is a cute holiday showing people how much ($$) you care for them, it isn't for us. I love love love the fact that Clint surprises me on random Tuesdays and Thursdays for something special he bought, makes, or has done for me. Of course, I don't share them here on the blog (because those things are kept private (; !

Here are some valentines pictures:

Sorry the picture is so blurry. It has been very, very challenging since Bria never.stops.moving! She loves running to the camera to look at the picture I was trying to capture of her. She loves that the camera shows the picture right away.

Isn't that the cutest Valentines you have ever seen? About a week ago, Bria has been interesting in coloring! She doesn't do it but for 40 seconds at a time, but she's getting better! All we need to do is find those big honkin' crayons for little hands and we are all set to go!

Homemade calzone for Valentines dinner! We all loved it, including Sierra who got a lot from Bria! 

I hope you had a happy Valentines Day...Full of love, hugs, and laughter with the ones you love!! 

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