February 28, 2012

Carnival Update...

As I'm typing this, Bria is asleep. She fell asleep around 12:15 in church and it's now 2:45. We are tired! It's a good tired though, an accomplished tired. We had so much fun at the carnival last night and we didn't get to sleep until around 10:30. The carnival and cleanup luckily only lasted until about 9:00, but little miss B was so overstimulated that she came home and played while I cooked dinner for Clint. When we finally went into the bedroom she as asleep in 5 seconds. No joke.

The carnival was fun for everyone. It was amazing how many people came to support the Bible Camp and how many people enjoyed just being together. Kids where having fun. Parents were having fun. Teenagers were having fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

I almost fell over when I heard how much we made in just under two hours .... Ready? ...We make just under $1,000 for youth to attend Bible Camp this summer! What an amazing contribution from everyone who participated. I"m so glad they went home with tons and tons of prizes too!

Here are some pictures of the carnival. I forgot my good lens ( I am learning just how important good lenses are!!) so some of them might not be the best quality, but they still show the happiness and fun that everyone had!

I loved seeing Bria interact and play with other kids her size. It's so adorable seeing her develop and be able to -try-and communicate! 

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