April 7, 2012

Who Am I? {A Freebie!}

We are all defined in our mother's womb. Whether our parents found out if we were a boy/girl or waited, had a named picked out before or after we were born, we had an identity of being their child- that we belonged to them. 

As we get a little older our parents start to let us find out who we are through the exploration of our interests and hobbies. If we like dogs licking our face, if we run from the vacuum, if we know how to sign please instead of screaming, if we like to laugh, or if we like to make people laugh, etc.

Then we get a little bit older and we discover who our friends are all the while trying to figure out our own identity and who we are and how we fit within the school body. Are we a jock? An artist? A loner? Friends with everyone? Friends with no one? Friends with only a select few? Throughout school this may be the hardest things that kids endure. Trying to fit in, trying to find out where in the clicks do they fit in, if at all. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's hard. For many, it's an ongoing process throughout our educational careers. Of course we have the added stress of the media telling us what beauty is, what popular is, and what you need in order to be happy. A lot of us tend to listen to the media schemes and struggle. Some of us don't.

After we are done with school and left to find our own way in the world we seek out jobs, then we seek a house, then settle down in the routine of working to pay bills and pay bills to live. We are citizens within our society. But still, who are we?

Some of us struggle with the over ridiculous media schemes of beauty. That skinny is beautiful, that money equals happiness, that material things are more important than values. The media has played a huge role in how we should see ourselves, and some of us get discouraged and lose whatever we have gained in trying to find out who we are.

As we get a little older and settle into the routine called life, while still struggling with our identity, we get married and then our identity shifts from just us into them. We are no longer just us, but a wife, a husband, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law. And then kids come along and change the world. Oh but how we love them so. They have changed us into mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunties, uncles, cousins. They have changed us into a completely different person. So whatever we have gained into finding out who we are is changed all over again. Changed for the better this time!

But the question still remains, Who are we? 

More importantly who are we in Christ? 

This has been an ongoing question on my mind for quite some time now. And I found the answer. I have found out who I am in Christ. 

Do you want to know who YOU are in Christ? It's amazing. It's powerful. You will now have an identity and be proud of that identity. So proud you will want to shout it on the rooftops {or at least tell everyone you know}. No joke. 

**I am fearfully and wonderfully made
 ~Psalms 139:14 

**I am a child of God
~John 1:12

**I am chosen before the creation of the world
~Ephesians 1:4

**I am God's workmanship
~Ephesians 2:10

**I am a new creation
~2 Corinthians 5:17

**I am the light of the world
~Matthew 5:14

While reading the bible I have come across many verses that resonate with me and I would like to share them with you. I plan on hanging these reminders somewhere where I will see them everyday {when we get to our new home} and making sure that I develop a daily affirmation of myself.

Here is a printable I made just for YOU if you would like it. It has been a passion of mine for a while to get more familiar with photoshop and to be able to create pretties for the home...

If you would like it, just click the link below for the download!

Who Am I

 You are altogether beautiful, my darling;
   there is no flaw in you.
~Song of Songs 4:7

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