April 28, 2012

Today's {Love} Letters

Dear Peanut, you amaze me in your abilities every single day. Every single day you do something new and exciting. You love playing dress-up (with your own clothes) and you love running around and giving me and your daddy kisses. You are a good eater, and you know how to say a couple of words already (puppy, baby, hi, bye, cracker). You are getting so big so fast. One of the things I love about you is you are always happy (unless you are hungry) and you love, absolutely love to make people laugh. You know you're a cutie and you know how to break smiles on others faces. Don't ever loose that ability, because one day it can change the world, sweets!  Bria, just remember that you love to dance. When you are older, if you feel the need to dance, or if you feel that the world is not a happy place at the moment,dance your little heart out pretty girl, dance fro Jesus and the world will become new again...Plus it's good for the soul. I love you to pieces! 
~The proudest Mama

Dear Baby Love, Oh how I can't wait to see you. As much as I love the thought of you being a daughter to your Daddy and a little sister to Bria, I will miss having you all to myself. Little girl, from your kicks and punches inside me I can already tell you have a zest for life! Your dad, sister, and I will teach you how to Baily, I have no doubt that you will become a fierce woman of God and I can't wait for you to wow this world with your beauty, love, patience, and kindness. Sweet baby girl, enjoy your time in my tummy because sometimes life is tough but just remember that you will always have me, no matter the circumstances. Keep growing up to be a beautiful, strong, healthy baby! We are excited to meet you, love! 
~Your excited Mama! 
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