April 3, 2012

Easter Round-up

Easter is perhaps my favorite holiday.

It's only 5 more 'sleeps' til' it's here!!

I love what it represents first and foremost.

I love all the colors, eggs, treats, happy faces.

I love all the activities you can do! 

Bria is just getting to an age where we think she is ready for a simple easter egg hunt, so that's what we are going to do for her this year. 

However, I came across some additional activities for Easter.

Some are to help kids learn about the true meaning of Easter and some are just plain fun!

30 different easy crafts/activities to keep Easter Christ-Centered!


Plant Magic Jelly Beans and see what grows!

Head on over to Happy Home Fairy for this Jellybean Prayer activity (she has the free printable as well!):


Want to make bath-time fun?! 

Resurrection Eggs:


Remember the Easter Story Cookies from last year?!


And.....Ladies, lets not forget our husbands on this special day too: 

Some printables for the hubbies basket (rated pg-13!)

                                                      {Click HERE to get free printable}

                                                   Easter Date Ideas:



I hope that you have found something that you would like to do with your kiddos, or your husband because they are pretty special too :) ... 

What are your Easter traditions? Now that our family is growing and our baby is getting to an age where she is able to understand just a little bit, Clint and I are excited to start some traditions of our own! 

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