August 21, 2010

You Can Bet...

...that our little one will be wearing this:

Striped Beanie:
Beanie Baby Hat

And of course these....

Baby Strappy Booties:
Yellow Booties

found here

You can bet that I will be looking at some more cutesy stuff there is out there for little munchkins.  Now, the trick is to start actually purchasing some supplies. In fact, I should start buying stuff now, believe it or not it's only 5 months away!!! 
On another note:

Last night, we were invited by some friends to go on a night fishing trip.  It was a very nice boat ride, and it wasn't a total bust (meaning, we didn't catch any silvers), because I was able to play with their little guy who just turned two.  We played pick-a-boo, and played with trucks. Getting some practice in :)

It was a very relaxing boat ride, and on the way back, Clint had something on his line.  We thought it was a big silver, but low and behold it wasn't...Take a look!

This is a huge Pike....A "trophy" Pike in fact:
Pike in Water

Clint with his catch:
Clint with Pike


Seriously....I'm really, really, really warning you....


Are you sure?

Here you go then...

Are you sure?

Here is it....

 Clint was "investigating" the Pike.  It was disgusting, but he found a small trout, half eaten in his stomach :S
Pike Belly


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