August 29, 2010

Baby Necessities VS. Baby Accessories 101

This morning it dawned on me that I am only 3 days away from being halfway done with this pregnancy. In 20 more weeks or so, we will have a little us to complete our family :) . It's amazing and overwhelming to think about everything that needs to happen before then.

I have been looking through a multitude of baby books and internet sites to give me an idea of what the necessities are for a newborn, and what the accessories are, things that would be nice/comfortable/fun to have, but not things that we don't necessarily need.

Here is the breakdown of what the necessities are:

*winter-outfit (for travel back to WMO)
*diapers (preferably cloth)
*One comfort blanket/stuffed animal
*baby sling

Feeding Supplies:
*breast pump I found a good one here
*pacifier (with holder & wipes)
*bottles with extra nipples (BPA free) click here for what we are getting
*nursding pads
*nursing cover

*nasal aspirator
*baby shampoo (organic)
*hooded bath towel
*baby nail clippers

Although it's fun to look at all the necessities we need...It's even more fun looking at for exciting accessories!

Here is the breakdown of the accessories we have been looking at:

*Carters Jamies
*an excessive amount of cute baby clothing/accessories such as booties and cute knitted hats
*plush toys
*playmat of some sort
*and for the final fun, cute, accessory: the PeaPod Portable Self-Inflating Travel-Bed (click the link).
 As much as I want to put this item in the necessities section, I think we need to spend our money on things we need.

This is obviously a rough draft list of the things that we are needed/wanting for our baby. I'll keep updating this list as time goes on and I find other stuff :).


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