August 2, 2010

We're BACK!!

Man has this been one fun summer!

I am so not in the mood to be on the computer at all- it has been refreshing for my eyes, brain, and soul to be away from technology for a long while.  BUT, there are just a couple of pictures I am dying to share :) Yup, it's of our newest member of the Shultz Clan!!

We had our first actual prenatal appointment at 15 weeks 5 days. It's a little late, but with traveling and other circumstances, that's just the way it happened. Our baby was moving like crazy! I guess it helped drinking some OJ before I went in because boy did he (or she) give us a real show! He was yawning, touching his toes, moving is head up, down, back, and forth, and not to mention punching his sweet momma :) . We heard the lil' ones heartbeat which was unlike anything I have ever heard before.  I am getting used to this whole parental thing-although I know there is a.lot.more to come :)

Enjoy the pictures!!

Here he (she) is yawning for the camera!!

The lil' one playing with toes :)


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