August 30, 2010

Because I'm Horrible!

Remember my 19 Week recap post that was lacking a picture? Yeah, I'm bad at two things. One, to actually take pictures of me, and two, to upload them before my recap week on Wednesdays. Hopefully since Wednesday is only 2 days away, I'll be pro-active in getting a picture with the post at the same time :) .

Here is my 19 week pictures:

19 Weeks

It's amazing that I am way more comfortable in my skin while being pregnant, but maybe that's because I'm supposed to have a belly :).  Even though some may say, "whoa! Have you popped! How many weeks are you?" and when I tell them, their eyes pop out an their jaws drop. Others don't even know I'm pregnant.  I tend to love the first reaction-it's way more fun that way!

Enough about me,  how are you?


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