October 25, 2011

Wii Tournament With Youth

We had Teen Night at our house last week and it was a total success! We had so much fun with the youth that decided to come. We decided to have Teen Night at our house and create a Wii tournament! We also were able to hand out a Teen Study Bible to each of our students that came- we had 9 students throughout the course of the night come over (courtesy of First Assembly of God Church in Ketchikan!).

We started the night off with guitar lessons, and watched a new (well, new to us. The dude is from the 80's with afro hair and tight jeans) guitar video that has lessons for beginners!

Clint then shared a short message. It was neat seeing the youth follow along and look up the verses in their bibles. I hope that they will continue to read them throughout the week and not just on Thursdays, but it's a good start!

Then it was time for the Tournament. The Wii tournament! We hooked the Wii to the big screen, turned off the lights, had treats, and played our little hearts out:

I loved the fact that kids where hanging out at the house. One of our guitar students loves, loves his new guitar and couldn't put it down that night. I'm so happy that they are so motivated to learn guitar! 

At the end of the night, we "crowned" the champion. He sweated. He played hard. He beat everyone. He deserved the "plaque" that Clint had made!

Clint and I have been so pumped about the Youth and what God is doing in our lives. In their lives. In White Mountain!  Something huge is happening here and we are excited and so thankful that we can be part of something magnificent. We will have these fun days with the youth quite often to try and get their attention and to be able to come together in fellowship and just hang out! Of course we love sharing the Good News and love seeing the kids get excited about things.

Currently, we are working on a skit to hopefully perform on one of our Sunday services. It will be amazing!

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