October 8, 2011

A letter to my sister...

Here is just a little shout out to my sister in blog land: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chuck(it's totally a nick-name)!!! I love you Charley! I hope your day is full of hugs, loves, laughs, and embarrassment on your birthday.  I was gonna put up a cutsie-patootsie picture of you, but I though I'd save it for when you get a little bit older :) ... Happy birthday BIG 1.4. !!

Here are 14 things (in no particular order- and there is more. I just thought I'd stop at 14 because, well, she's 14.) that I absolutely LOVE about my sister:

1.I love the way you put up with all of our teasing and joking, Because it's a lot. All of it is just for fun. 

2. I love your luscious Haida lips! If anyone ever gives you grief, it's because they love them too.

3. I love the fact that, even at a young age you are an amazing Aunty to Bria.

4. I love the fact that you totally own the basketball court when you play! You're an awesome basketball star.

5. I love that you tease Clint with good comebacks that even HE has to step back and think.

6. I love the fact that you love hunting/fishing/camping. I hope you never lose your love for the outdoors. It's an amazing world and I want you to explore as much as you can!

7. I love the fact that you are SO sweet to me when no one is around and a "tough girl" in front of people....(oops, was I not supposed to tell?)

8. I love the fact that, no matter what you don't take anything from anyone and you tell people how it really is!

9. I love the fact that, even if you complain or if it's unreasonable, you do anything and everything for your sisters.

10. I love the fact that I remember when you took your first steps on the street corner waiting to enter Disney Land.

11. I love your little bubble-butt. Enough said.

12. I love the fact that you are so athletic and love to play different sports. I hope you keep it up through High School and College.

13. I love the fact that you spend the night as much as you can when we are home in Ketchikan. I hope that you also keep this up!

14. I love the fact that you are my baby sister and you are growing up to be such an amazing, beautiful and talented woman. I love the fact that no matter how far apart we are, or how long it is in between our conversations on Skype or the Phone it always starts where we left off.  We will always be best friends, Charley. We will always be sisters.  I will always be there for you. I will always love you!

Happy Birthday, Baby sister!

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