October 26, 2011

Monster Madness!!

With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to do a unit to celebrate Halloween or at least the fun activities that the kids are going to celebrate anyway. But, I didn't want to celebrate the same 'ole same 'ole ghosts, witches, goblins, pumpkins, etc. So, I looked on my new favorite site, Pinterest . I pinned so many different ideas and also bought a Monster Madness packet to use which had literacy and math games to do with the kids! You can find the packet here.

So, without further explanation, I wanted to show you the class set up before last week started:

 Job charts:

Our calendar board: 

Some more of the calendar: 

The "good work wall"

Don't you love how the monsters are eating and holding their work? I think it's just adorable!

Here are some math games and activities that we have done. All of them I found either from here or here:

Shape monster glyphs:


Writing Activities:

Monster roll and write: 

Art Activities:

Monster treat bags from Blog-Babble:

Monster boxes..

I'm going to use my monster box for a tattletale project.  You can find the tutorial from Giggles Galore.

I'm going to put the monster in an open space in the room with this poem from Room Mom 101:

I am going to ask the kids to write down all their tattles on a piece of paper (now, obviously my kinder kids can't actually write words yet but they have learned all their sounds and we have been practicing writing the sounds they hear in the words) and then they will feed the tattle monster their tattle. I will no longer have to hear "teacher, teacher...so and so is doing this!" and "teacher, teacher...so and so just did that!" ... Ahh... I will finally have quietness amongst the tattles, hopefully!

I hope you enjoyed my monster unit. If you have any questions, please ask! We are still in the middle of our second week with the monsters, so expect to see some other goodness!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!
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