October 4, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Our weekend was quiet.

Clint was gone for a Cross Country trip in Anchorage and so it was just Bria and I at home by ourselves.

We don't like it when he's gone, but I'm so happy that he was able to get real food.

We had a couple of guests over to spend the night with us. It was fun and Bria had a blast having some friends over!

We watched a movie and had popcorn.

In the morning, I made them chocolate chip pancakes. This brought me down memory lane. My dad used to make us chocolate chip pancakes. In the shape of Mickey Mouse. Yeah, he's awesome. It was a great memory to re-live as I make our friends breakfast.

I can't wait til' Bria is old enough to have chocolate chip pancakes.

In the shape of Mickey Mouse!

Bria had her breakfast: Cheerios, apple juice, and oatmeal:

For lunch she had carrots and zucchini:

Uh-Oh. Mommy caught me on camera!:

Bria is getting into everything! We've had to rearrange our house and make it as baby-proof as we can. Although, obviously there are some things that we still need to figure out i.e.: the bookcase. The weird thing is? she only destroys her books! hehe. I guess we can let her get away with that for a while. Until it becomes a reoccurring thing where Mommy has to clean up. 

And, I made some soft pretzels for Clint when he came home from Anchorage (not that he needed any added goodies :) :

So, there's our weekend, just the way I like it (with the exception of Clint being gone-I don't like it when he's gone) food, and Bria lovin!

How was your weekend?
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