October 5, 2011


Our baby is 9 months... Nine months... 9 whole months!!!  I can't believe that in 3 short months she will be a year. This age, is by far, my favorite age so far. I know I have said that each month at some point, but I think because she is becoming aware of her surroundings, and is able to manipulate stuff it's become entertainment for Clint and I. Keep growing Miss. B!! Keep on growing, we love every minute of it!

Bria loves:
throwing her books off the bookshelf, finding cheerios in her walker seat, falling asleep with daddy, couscous/chicken/apple dinner, getting the batteries out of the remote, singing, when Mommy pants like a dog (i know, it's pretty awesome), opening and closing the cabinets fast.

Bria doesn't love: 
waking up to find mommy out of the room, Clint's B.O.B. , when we take the remote away from her, when we lock the t.v. stand doors.

Some of Bria's firsts:
8 months 2 days: first time in the village of Elim, AK
8 months 6 days: first time eating green beans
8 months 9 days: first time climbed up on walker
8 months 11 days: first time walking along the couch
8 months 17 days: first time she found Sierra's water bowl
8 months 29 days: first time eating couscous, chicken, apple dinner

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